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At Burke Brothers we have many "hard-to-find" and "old-fashioned" items  that other stores do not carry.  With over 79 years in business we continue to stock the items that have set us apart from your average hardware store.  

The saying goes: "If you can't find it at Burke Brothers, you don't need it..."

We carry the largest selection of flashlights in town.  Whether you need a light for camping, a flashlight for your car, or as a saftey mechanism, we will have one for you (and in the color of your choice).  
Picture of flashlight

From pint to 1/2 gallon jars, we have them.  We also stock canning lids and sealing rings in various sizes.  
picture of canning jar

We support our local hockey team, the Carolina Hurricanes.  If you are a "Cane-i-ac" we have a variety of bells for you.   And if you just need a bell for your cow,  we can get you fixed up too!
picture of cowbell

       Only $3.99 per pair!

Old-fashioned Grandmas Lye Soap and Hand Lotion.  We also carry old-fashioned acne soap bars, poison ivy soaps, heavy hand cremes for harsh winters, and much more!  
picture of soap

We stock a variety of safety defense products.  
picture of mace
5227 Hillsborough St. Raleigh NC                   info@burkebrothershardware.com                      919.851.1211
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